5 top-performing Zero Investment business ideas that can make millions

What is the one thing which comes to your mind when you decide you should start your own business (zero investment business) ?

Money .

What if I say you don’t need a single penny to start a business and earn millions?

(“that’s impossible, go away”)

No, it’s not. These 5 amazing ideas or industries given here will make you think again.

You will just need a strategy and a different perspective. Strategy, you will get from your experience and expertise; the rest you will find down here. 5 best “zero-investment” ways to start your own business.

(“so, do I need to work hard if I’m not investing money?”)

That's a wrongful conviction.

If you can't generate money without money, you can't generate money through money.

And for the hard work, yes, you will need to put in the effort. But the below-given ideas, if followed correctly, will land you on your dream lifestyle.

So, if you are an "I-never-run –away-from-working-hard-and-smart" man, then dive in.

1. Drop-Shipping can make your dream comes true 


What about a free online store waiting for you to sell the products on a higher margin?

Let’s see how it happens.

Just google Ali express (an online retail service based in China owned by the Alibaba Group) and you can see a hell of a lot of products.

For example, a 12V mini refrigerator freezer is available at 1007 INR on ali express.

Create a free online store on Shopify (Yeah, 100% free), and sell it at 2000 INR.

Or any top preforming or trending products which are a great use for the customers in their day to day life.

You can earn big profits with almost no money and a little bit of effort.

✍️ Make an online free store at Shopify.

✍️ Advertise your product. There are a lot of shops available at Shopify. Attract your customers with a unique offer.

✍️ Market your store in the best way possible. You will want to sell a lot of products to make good money, so make your store the best for the service of the customers.

And as you might have noticed, every step is free of cost. You will not need a plan to stand out, and the profit in this industry is skyrocketing.

People with a good strategy make millions per year as you will if you choose this business.

2. YouTube helps to build a zero investment business

youtube helps to build a zero investment business

“Hey Vsauce, Michael here”.

We all are amazed by the content this man shares. These all amazing questions that we miss to ask ourselves, are solved by Michael.

Can't you see you much he enjoys while facing the camera? What do you think, how much he invests?


How much he gets? A lot of money.

There are millions of topics or millions of ideas you can share on YouTube. You can record your own vlogs sharing your journey experiences and once you are good at delivering your ideas, and be creative with your content, there are millions out there waiting to watch your videos.

It’s not just a “zero-investment” business, it is an adventure. A job you will love to do and earn a lot of money through enabling monetization.

You can earn a lot through ads.

Call the brands to sponsor your videos. Advertise others on your platform and get money.

So there are a lot of tactics, you just need to work on your content and delivery.

Yes, whenever you are on a platform where there's a lot of competition, you need marketing. Even if there's no competition, content alone cannot attract your audiences.

Check this free Hubspot Academy course for video marketing.

And as you are starting as a beginner, you will want some expert advice

3. Affiliate Marketing can earn lots of commissions

affiliate marketing can earn lots of commissions

With a little bit of effort and a foolproof plan, you will be doing nothing and earning lots of commissions.

Yes, commissions. Clearly, you will not need to invest your single money, and what you will get is free money.

(“What the hell? How it’s possible?”)

If you are a blogger, a YouTuber, an influencer or let’s leave it. A lot of friends will do.

And you just have to share a single link to them (of some product), and someone buys through that link.

Boom. You will earn a commission from that company, on every single sale.

Even if you don't have a good number of followers or friends, you can share that link to the other websites in the comment section. Or just respond to the queries of some people in Quora, and share the link of the product that might help them.

Well, there is a lot of way as billions of people are on the internet today.

With a few tricks, you can earn a big bounty.

Generally, You Tubers consider it as their passive income or something which takes no effort and makes them earn a lot.

A decent affiliate can make anywhere from $10,000 a year to $400,000.

4. Drop servicing can make you billionaire

drop servicing can make you billionaire

They say you should open a big firm to become a billionaire. I say it's bullshit.

They say, arrange for a passive income to make a huge amount of money. Again bullshit.

If you want to attain financial freedom (roughly $10000 per month), these are not the options you will want to look at. Also, they require a big investment.

Focus on a "high-paying" skill. Yes. Everyone is perfect at something. Some skills, whether it's writing, public speaking, graphic designing, photography, video editing, and whatnot.

Or even if you think you didn't focus on anything earlier, then why you think it's late?

As the joker says, "if you are good at something, never do it for free", we shall phrase it like this, "if you are good at something, never ignore it. Be smart enough to make a living from it."

And that’s how the top players in this world do.

Drop Servicing is about selling your services to others and make a huge amount of money.

There are thousands of ways you can do that.

Make an account on Fiverr, Upwork, and many more platforms and sell your services. Approach big clients.

The best way to approach big fishes is to send them cold emails. Tell them how your services can increase their profit to more than 100 % or 150%.

Send your top-performing portfolios.

The best thing about drop servicing is, you make a living from your skill. That means you don't require any capital, and you just love what you do.

Just to give you a crisp, a freelancer in India makes 20,00,000 INR per year on average.

5. SEO Consulting is a high paying skill

seo consulting is a high paying skill

Imagine a person open a shop in the market. The market gets a lot of crowds and is a very famous one.

He comes with new designs of women's garments and he doesn't set up the shop in the main market, but somewhere far from it in a small street.

Now he's selling the best women's garments as compared to the ones in the market and at a lesser price.

Then why he’s not earning that much money?

Because people can’t see him.

That’s what happens when you open a website on google. Doesn't matter how good your services are, how unique your product is, if it's not on the first or second, or third page on Google, your business will never succeed.

Who’s gonna help?

 SEO consultants. It's a very high paying skill where you help the other people who have websites or online stores to rank good in SEOs (Search Engine Optimization). You will get free available courses to learn SEO.

and then there are a lot of people waiting for you to help them.

Be consistent and determined because the steps given above might take a little bit of patience. You will face rejections, but that’s a part of life. These are the steps that make you achieve a big goal.

So, money can't be your reason to become a millionaire, to start a business, then you just take action.


Now, You have got an answer to your question that how to start zero investment business.

If you feel any doubt in your mind then you simply ask your question via doing comments or email us.

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