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Do you want to ease your Dropshipping service by using Oberlo Chrome Extension?


This post will guide you completely about this chrome extension.

You might be doing wonders in your dropshipping business, but to gain profits faster you will need to do the process faster.

Or if you are starting out and know a little thing about dropshipping then you might want to speed up the process, right?

Yeah, this business doesn’t give you wealth overnight for sure.

But, with some initial hard work, commitment and consistency will definitely pay off.

And so, if you are new to this, let us clear the concept of dropshipping in a few words.

So, it is a simple process of buying a product at cheap rates and selling it at a higher price. The difference is your profit or income.

As simple as that.

And yeah, before you say,  “oh my god, I have to first buy something before selling? What if I buy some stuff and it never gets sold out?”, this doesn’t happen in dropshipping.

You import some stuff to buy it. You just present it in front of your customers. And when they want to buy, they place an order to your website or ecommerce store and that order directly goes to the supplier and the product gets shipped from the supplier itself.

Yeah, that's easy.

No worry about keeping things or about shipping the product.

And when we start this business, there are a lot of things we do to promote the products and so we do not want to waste any time on some things.

Here this amazing extension from Oberlo comes which automates your journey.

But first,

What is Oberlo and

How does Oberlo help in Dropshipping?

how does oberlo help in dropshipping

You can call it a bridge between your ecommerce store and the suppliers.

It gives you a lot of tools to make your journey easy and beautiful.

Let’s say you have decided to open a store where you will sell online necklaces.

Yeah, pick up a niche, don’t just try to start with everything.

Yeah, so you want to sell necklaces at your store and you want the store to look like a professional website which will attract customers.

Now, How will you present it at your store?

Just list it there, mention its name and say, buy it??

Nah, then drop the idea of this business because you have to go creative in presentation and marketing.

And so, first you import a product from the Aliexpress site to your Oberlo account and then change its description, photos and make it more presentable.

Then you decide the price at which you want to sell and after doing some more modifications with the help of Oberlo tools, you list that product on your store or website.

And yes, Oberlo provides some dropshipping courses so that you can get good guidance by some amazing experts, you can also read their blogs, tips, podcasts and all.

 So, yeah if you are not using Oberlo at present or you haven’t started your journey, it’s the best website to visit.

How to use Oberlo Chrome extension?

how to use oberlo chrome extension

So finally we are here.

Besides offering its services on its main website, Oberlo has done an extra step in terms of user experience.

Let’s first install this extension on Google chrome.

Go to the Google app store where you find themes and extensions and search “Oberlo Chrome Extension”.

There you will see “Oberlo - Product Importer”. Choose that one and click “add to chrome”.

And then you see a purple icon on your extension list.

This icon will appear purple if you are not using it.

And one sec, you might know this fact that you can’t add any extension on your mobile devices or ipads.

Let’s continue,

First log in to your aliexpress account and Oberlo account.

You are not able to import products from the aliexpress homepage or any supplier homepage.

But with this extension you can.

When you open it, the icon will turn blue.

Then select the country you want to ship to as shipping costs and availability of product varies from country to country.

Then go to the blue turned icon and click on it. Select show shipping and in options select “aliexpress”.

Then select the country and the currency.

And then click on the update settings.

There your preferred number of products will be selected and then they get imported to your store.

And so the whole long complex procedure of importing the products is resolved with just a few easy steps.

Oberlo Chrome extension not working ?

oberlo chrome extension not working

Yeah there are a lot of complaints about the Oberlo chrome extension not working properly or not just opening at all.

First easy method would be to first remove it from the chrome extension list, restart your device and reinstall the extension again.

In most cases, the issue gets resolved with this easy process.

Some other problems are -

1.  Sometimes you by mistake log in to your oberlo account with customer id to check it out as a guest. But when you do this, aliexpress sends emails not to your email but to your customers’ email addresses. And that you want to avoid. To resolve this issue, log in to your oberlo buying account before starting the fulfillment process of oberlo.

2. Sometimes a page doesn’t load easily and takes a lot of time. In this case the product is out of stock or no longer available from the supplier. In this case, look for a different supplier for that product.

3. Sometimes you see a “matching order is not found” message. In this case you need to re-sync the order details to process the order.

Maybe we have missed some more issues, but don’t worry. We will not leave you like this.

 Check this link to get the solutions of all the problems you might face.


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And so, all the information you need for this extension is here. You just need to take a step.

We always appreciate someone who take a step, no matter how little it is, no matter if you are gonna succeed or not, take a step.

And a little one for sharing this amazing blog to your friends and family. Yeah, you can do that for us. Can’t you?

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