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This Covid-19 virus has taken many lives. We have lost millions of brothers and sisters.

Millions of others have lost their jobs. Many businesses failed.

But, one sad part is, the academic integrity is lost.

Students can’t attend schools and colleges for sure.

When the exams come, they have to give it online.

Why would a student need to study if all the answers are available on the internet or they can easily get on call with their friends, discuss the paper and do it?

Now, everyone is getting A’s. There’s no motivation for a student who wants to study hard and get the marks.

Teachers always have this feeling that no student is present in the class, no one is actively listening to them. They don’t have a damn clue.

As a student, you can just open a class and side-wise play video games.

No one is watching.

Why don’t they study? No fear of exams.

So, what if we take exams in a manner where they cannot cheat?

I guess that will change the situation.

Because that’s the only thing which can change everything and restore the lost academic integrity.

Let’s introduce the concept of Online Proctoring - any platform which will not let the students access the internet, not let them open a book or call or message their friend.

There are several platforms which offer this service, but today we are going to talk about Honorlock Chrome Extension.

 All the features this extension offers and discuss some things which people usually encounter as a problem.

How Honorlock Chrome extension works

how honorlock chrome extension works

The best thing about this extension is, it is user-friendly in nature.

The process is very easy so that no student or professor faces an issue.

So, how does it work?

Let’s start it with the professor’s side.

All students first add the “Honorlock Chrome extension” on their Google chrome.

Now, they have to go through some steps before starting their test.

And yeah, the professor must give them a trial exam so that they will be well aware of the process.

So, first they will need to click a photo of their face from the extension's camera.

Then, the extension asks them to rotate the camera 360 degrees so that they may know that there is no other person present, no books or any guides or anything present in the room which can be used to copy answers.

Now, students will be asked to share their whole screen. So, they cannot search on the internet.

And now, they can start the test.

So, their webcam will be open for the rest time so that whatever they are doing gets monitored by the professor or any invigilator present in that meeting.

Problem solved.

Now, they cannot have a chance to cheat in exams.

Now, this is the professor's perspective.

If you want to read the whole work-book how does it work, you can check this

student FAQs.

Are there any challenges which students face or anything which this extension is dangerous about?

Many students filed some issues against using these types of extensions or softwares and they interacted with us on Reddit.

Honorlock Chrome extension Reddit

honorlock chrome extension reddit

Let’s hear from the students why they do not want to use this extension.

👉 Requirement of Webcam - They can easily write this word “webcam” as a requirement, but can anyone afford it?

First of all, opening a webcam requires a good internet connection. A good speed and also a good pack as a webcam requires a lot of internet.

So, only those who live in cities or areas with good internet connectivity and those who can afford a webcam and internet can give exams easily.

👉 Recording of videos - Even when you get all these things, there are many students who don’t have a private room.

So, where will the other members of the family go in the test timings?

Also the thought that they are going to have a recorded video of yours and they will keep it for the rest of their life is somewhat horrific in terms of privacy.

Storing other data - They can get access to the browser's search history and other cookies that means a complete loss of student’s privacy.

How to remove Honorlock Extension ?

how to remove honorlock extension

Now, that’s the easy part. If you have added this extension and think it’s of no use or any other reason.

Follow these easy steps to remove this extension from your chrome browser.

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Now, you can see the extension bar where your other extensions you have listed are present. Left click on that.
  3. Right click on the “Honorlock extension” symbol.
  4. In the menu, left click on the “remove from chrome” option.

Honorlock Chrome Extensions Review

honorlock chrome extensions review

When the pandemic hit the world and the institutions had to find a way to conduct exams online, they chose to try many proctoring platforms.

So, many tried Honorlock extension and they have different opinions and facts.

Many people claim some things but the average or the majority review is this?

What it does

  1. It provides a secure way for the students to give their exams.
  2. Uses artificial intelligence for proctoring and so no doubt in its performance.
  3. If students face any issue, they can directly click on the “live chat” option and within a few seconds a representative will solve their problem.
  4. Protect student’s privacy through FERPA.

Does not

  1. It is free of cost for any student.
  2. It does not sell the data to other third parties.


Okay, there are some issues with these platforms.

Even if they are free of cost to use and provide a secure way for the examination, there are some basic requirements which unfortunately all the students cannot fulfill.

Covid has also brought a type of financial crisis and so, some students cannot afford secure and good internet connection, or the devices like laptop and mobile phones and webcams.

But, in the long run some arrangements have to be made.

Institutions cannot pass any student just on the basis of internal assessment, there has to be some way to know that the student really has worked hard and knows everything which had been taught to him.

If you want to give it a try, just click here.

We write many informative blogs and really want to take the reviews to make it stronger.

So, talk to us in the comments section how you feel about these proctoring methods.

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